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Pernounced "cheedee" this is the middle rank of preps. Mostley always cheedies are cheerleaders, these preps follow the leaders (preeds) and attempt to suggest ideas, but often times get denied their request. In many cases, the cheedies become prepers from discouragement.
Cheedie - YAY!! GO TEAM!!
Preper - *giggle*
Preeds - Like, shut up
by Mr. Josh December 11, 2007
The lowest form of a prep, "the follower" This form of prep, follows the higher forms everywhere, and dosnt say anything. The higher forms include Cheedies, and Preeds
Preed - So, u guys like wana hang at the mall?
Cheedie - Um, like i dont care
Preper - ...
by Mr. Josh December 11, 2007
The preed is the highest rank of prep "the leader". These preps are usually the most anoying of all the preps. These are the ones that are always talking, and often times have the resemblance of a rat.
Preed - Have you seen jenny latley?! That hair is like, so five minutes ago!
Preper - ...
Cheedie - GO TEAM!!
by Mr. Josh December 11, 2007

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