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Noun/Verb: The act of jacking-off (To cum) whilst taking a shit (a dump).
Cum+Dump = Cump

*Different from Cleveland Steamer in that a Cleveland Steamer is performed with a partner; a cump is usually performed alone, on the toilet.
When I get home, I'm gonna take a mean-ass cump
by Mr. Human September 02, 2007
Noun: One who receives sexual gratification from licking their own ejaculate off of their sexual-partner's face.
Most commonly identified with a young gay male.

"Why does that guy's breath smell so weird?"

"He's a bemba"
by Mr. Human June 05, 2007

10-6 is a "Jiggaboo Fucker"

A # is it's corresponding letter alphabetically a=1, b=2, c=3,etc.
"That guy's a hardcore 10-6."
by Mr. Human May 07, 2007

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