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When a hoe's thong is showing over the top of their belt/pant line.
"Bitch's got some HOE BELT!" "Your HOE BELT showin'."
by Mr. Heald June 22, 2008
Giving props-or-doing that of what balls might do or be capable of accomplishing.
"Gimme some ballness." "...that's some ballness."
by Mr. Heald June 22, 2008
When you have your hair up in a bun so long, that it becomes one whole dread-like tangled mess.
"I really should comb my hair, but it's gonna be hard to get out this dread bun."

"I can't even sift my fingers through my hair because it's such a dread bun."
by Mr. Heald July 25, 2008
The muscle located at the under ridge of your pectoral muscle and next to your arm pit.
My "tissle" itches. Grab my "tissle". My "tissle" smells funky.
by Mr. Heald August 15, 2008
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