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A conversation stopper. A word you say when there's nothing left to say, or you don't know what to say, or where you are simply not interested in the conversation anymore.
::Your mother is asking you multiple pointless questions regarding any situation, and you grow tired.::
by Mr. Glub Glub October 20, 2005
Regarding an incompetent and self-proclaimed 'Christian' lawyer who attempted to regulate the video game industry's freedom of design and expression by claiming some video games simulate and train children to murder, along with other, more extreme, accusations. He did all this by his own hypocritical means through lies, open name-calling, false claims to donate money to charities, public childish attacks, and even violent threats - and eventually had his credibility completely destroyed through his own stupidity, even by organizations and people with a similar cause claiming they want to have no association with him.

The meaning of the word is a branch of the term "owned", but in the context of someone attacking the video game industry and being 'shot down'.
"Hilary Clinton got Thompwned!"
by Mr. Glub Glub October 20, 2005
The term originated by a night crew worker for a local grocery store, in which all food product, usually candy around the bulk bin section, was considered approved to eat without being considered stealing from the company after it had touched the floor, as it was unsanitary for customers and would be thrown away otherwise.

The term now applies to any item of food, not just candy, that has touched the ground, but the dropee feels is still worthy of eating regardless.
*Action* Ted drops a potato chip on the floor.
Bill: "Floor candy!"
*Action* Bill picks it up and eats it.
by Mr. Glub Glub October 20, 2005

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