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2 definitions by Mr. Gira

Applied correctly to either male or female individuals it denotes a personal affliation with either;

Participation in avant garde fashion thats typically in your face "queer".

Participation in "queer" activities that are associated with queerness, that is a sexual interest in ones sex.
I'm a Queerdosexual because I listen to Queer bands, i.e Glamour to Kill.

I'm a Queerdosexual because I wear leggings.

I'm a Queerdosexual because I perfer to oggle at a picture of Monica Naranjo rather then pornagraphic pictures.
by Mr. Gira October 05, 2011
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Defining or describing the typical European or White Male of European Descent. Can be used to identify a White Male and can be used as a term of endearment. White Boy, or being called White Boy can have either negative or positive implications. White Boy's are normally pale, withdrawn and conscientious.
Example one, White Boy in a restaurant in a predominately non-White area where Asians identify him:

Asian Guy 1: "He's far away from his home"
Asian Guy 2: "Who?"
Asian Guy 1: "The White Boy over there"

Example two, White Boy walking along the road in the evening and notices the "glow" of his hue:

White Boy: "I'm a white boy"

(Believe me I've done that myself)

Example Three, White Boy finishing work and making way to local station with non-White colleagues:

Asian Colleague: "What you having for dinner tonight White Boy"
White Boy: "Not sure, perhaps Cobbler or chips"
by Mr. Gira December 01, 2011
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