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The act of combining fornication or sodomy with the playing of tug of war using a dog's chew toy. This position works best if one participant lays on his or her back, and their partner sits on their lap. The tug of war type doggy chew toy is then placed with opposing ends in each of the participants mouths. If the participant on the bottom is male, he can fornicate or sodomize his partner while they struggle to pull the chew toy from each other.

The act of fighting against one's partner in order to pull the chew toy from them causes a very pleasurable sensation for one's genitalia, and growling and snarling with bared teeth can uniquely heighten the moment of orgasm, and contribute a primal, bestial quality that is far too often missing from everyday sex.

The act can be performed heterosexually or homosexually.
"The PE teacher at the local highschool was fired for telling his students to play Tug of War with him."

"I always wondered why my boyfriend kept a dog's chew toy in his room when he never had a dog. After we played Tug of War last night, I understood."

"I ripped out a tooth last night playing Tug of War."
by Mr. Gency's Exit April 05, 2008

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