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1. What a man does when his penis erects into a throbbing, veiny, pulsating, kinetic hard-on, stroking the shaft repeatedly up and down with his hand until the penis barfs up massive amounts of white-nut vomit in either a clean, streaming squirt or in a gelatonous, oozing mass.

2. To make one's dick sneeze, throw up, explode, ejaculate, cough up white blood, splooge, climax, orgasm, erupt, belch, detonate, spew, or spit, possibly on another person's face.

3. A person who amounts to nothing, or should not be taken seriously.
1. "Boy, I just watched too much Full House, I need to go jack off".

2. ".. and then she got down on her knees and I jacked off all over her face".

3. "Dude, you need to get up off of your ass and quit watching gay porn, you good for nothing jack off".
by Mr. Friscus February 02, 2010

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