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Part Goya can, and part car.

A small car, typically a Honda Civic or a small Toyota that is very popular amongst young to middle aged urban Latinos due to the low cost of the vehicle, parts and customization. Usually these cars are equipped with loud exhaust, low riding suspension and high powered stereo systems.
A person who is trying to sleep in the city would complain and say, "911, I would like to report several Goya Carts that are racing on my street. They seem to be drifting and causing a lot of ruckus. Can you please send a unit?"
by Mr. Foot February 19, 2009
Look up the term Criminalien for a better definition.
Criminaliens and crimigrants have the same meaning. It depends on your preference.
by Mr. Foot April 06, 2009
A person who immigrates to the U.S. illegally thus known as a criminal act. The opposite of a law-abiding legal alien.
The govenor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick welcomes "criminaliens," and wants to give them drivers licenses, jobs, in-state tuition, and housing on behalf of the taxpayers money.
by Mr. Foot February 06, 2009

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