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1. Sexually-themed communications through text messaging.

2. Communicating sexually to another person through a cell phone or Blackberry via SMS or MMS text-messaging protocols.
Guy A: So, did you ever meet that chick from OkCupid?
Guy B: No, she was in middle school so we just had textsex.
Guy A: Smooth moves, brotha. The cops won't be knocking at your door.
(Guys high-five.)


Examples of textsex-ing:

Chick: howz work? wanna play l8r?
Dude: gawd, my ballz ache for ur mouth
Chick: only if u slip me teh shocker baby!


Dude: ive got a major boner. r u wet?
Chick: im on my period
Dude: my boner went away


Chick 1: i gotta new drilldo 2day for us
Chick 2: im creaming my hairy puss now
by Mr. Filbert October 24, 2007
1. An idiot, douche bag, dumbass, or moron. Literally, a person who's is so stupid it's like their cranium is filled with jizz and no brain.

(Variant of numskull)
Dude: You brought me a Pepsi when I specifically asked for a Diet Pepsi, you cumskull!
by Mr. Filbert October 24, 2007
1. To fart loudly; to fart with such force that it's as if one's ass is literally tearing open.

(Syn. "rip ass")
1. Holy shit! Are we under attack or did you just tear ass?

2. Roll down the windows. Bobby just tore ass.
by Mr. Filbert August 13, 2008
1. Used to describe the bowel movement one has after a night of heavy drinking; frequently smells (and feels) as if one is shitting pure alcohol.

(Origin: New Jersey)
Dude 1: Hey bro. How did all that Captain's treat you?

Dude 2: Oh man. Gut rot city. I've had liqshits all day.
by Mr. Filbert August 17, 2008

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