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A word invented by Brian Teal, once used in almost every sentence on a band trip, most commonly used as a generic insult, although the word appeared to have other meanings, which no one could explain. The example only lists the generic insult version.
"Dude, clif, your such a humpist"

"I dunno what that humpist back yonder was doing. Tried to run me off the go-kart track"
by Mr. Error 404 August 14, 2004
A word with an understood and hard to explain connotation. A stupid word created by Clif Hastings, with very little meaning. can be used as a verb or a noun apparently.
"I'd like to bee-snatch dem titties"
"Dude, thats nothin but a god damn bee-snatch!"
by Mr. Error 404 August 14, 2004
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