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1. An extremely bland and narcissistic way to say the word "cool" with all the enthusiasm deflated out of it. In effect, the negation of all those brats in commercials that say, "COOL!" to a pair of sneakers, hot pockets, or quaker oat bars.

2. An inside joke or commentary that can be used directly, yet secretly, to someone truly despised.

3. A descriptive term used to define something that has a decidedly thirteen-year-old, teeny-bopper quality.
1. mommy- "Honey, me and your white trash daddy who beats me up all the time are gonna get together and have another baby."

son- "kewl."

2. "Wow, jackson! You are so kewl!"

3. "OMG, Tiger Beat magazine is so fucking kewl!"
by Mr. ES August 21, 2009
1. A primitive and non-descript word used to connotate the blossoming mass interest in the undeground scene of electronic music, drugs, and parties. The word came to full-flower in the late 1990's, but took a turn for the worst in the early 2000's. By then, a wave of drug overdoses, emergencies, and public fear cast the word into mainstream television use as more and more reporters, entirely disconnected with the culture, beat it to death in the daily news. This ignorance was greatly exemplified by adding a hypen and the word "party" to "rave", which was totally unnecessary, but kept the aging, elderly people who vote good and scared, until they had almost completely eliminated any event that ran over a single day.

2. Directly after the word "rave" was thrown on the trash heap of words that cool people no longer said, it remained unused for a period of several years. A re-surfacing of the word eventually took place, with it now being used as a symbolic word, tinged with sarcasm, to mean, roughly, "beat," or "beaten to death." The new use is characterized by a completely lack of enthusiasm.
1. Tom Brokaw- "Do you know what your child is up to? Many go to all-night rave-parties and take ecxtasy, a drug known to cause brain damage in rats."


Friend #1: What'd you do last night?

Friend #2: My homework.

Friend #1: "Rave."
by Mr. ES August 21, 2009

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