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A word from Chaminade College in Toronto denoting that something is an obvious lie. In other words meaning bullshit. Often followed by a hand forming the shape of a gun.
1. I ahd sex with Jessica Alba last night.
2. Ok thats a shoots buddy!
1. No, I'm serious.
by Mr. Dark October 04, 2006
Chaminade slang for giving head. Or just saying that somebody sucks folds. Short form: loop it.
eg 1. Eric:That girl is a slut, she likes to loop bat all the time.

eg 2. John: I made a huge fumble in the football game.
Alex: You loop bat!
by Mr. Dark October 06, 2006
A verb meaning that someone sucks horribly, and fails at almost everything. Origins; Chaminade College, Tronto.
You failed that open book test. You fold!
by Mr. Dark October 04, 2006

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