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Hip-Hop enthusiast; knowledable about Hip-Hop current events
Man that guy knows everything. He's a real Tyd.
by Mr. Cool April 08, 2005
Super cool fellow
That super cool fellow, tunji is you will, is super cool!
by Mr. Cool February 01, 2004
The shittiest seat at The Table. Only the Jew sits there. The only problem is that The Table has no jew. Therefor anyone who sits in the Jew seat is treated like a Jew until the end of lunch.

NOTE: This is not anti-semitism! I got nuttin against Jews. It's just history. If u dont know what i be talkin bout u need to pay attention when the teacher is teaching bout the Holocaust.
E: Shit! there aint to seats left.

T: Yea man, theres the Jew Seat

E: Awwwwwww shiiiiiiiiiit!!!
by Mr. Cool April 28, 2005
the definition of gay.
if you go on friendster you are gay.
by mr. cool April 11, 2004

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