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Tower of Beirut is a 3 story version of beer pong, with the stable chilly twist cups, stacking of the beer pong cups is now possible.

Instead of 1 level of 10 cups, there would be 3 levels consisting of: 6 cups on the bottom level, 3 cups on the 2nd. level, and 1 cup on the top level.

Game 1) You can play where you simply land a ball in each cup, and remove that cup regardless of the level the cup is on and drink the contents. Or,
Game 2) The object of the "Tower of Beirut" is to have the opposing team remove all of their cups. this is accomplished two ways.

When team 1 is throwing at team 2's Tower, team 1 must land a ball in the cups in the top remaining level, if the ball lands in a cup in the top level, that cup is removed and the defending team (team 2 in this example) must drink the contents of that cup.

If however, team 1 misses the top level cups and instead lands a ball in a lower level cup, team 1 must remove one of their top level cups and drink the contents inside.

Once a team has no more cups left regardles of the way in which the cups were removed, that team losses the game.
by Mr. Chilly Twist February 17, 2010
A revolutionary cup, with an optional chilled base, capable of cooling drinks for extended periods of time to 24 degrees without ice. The "chilly" base "twists" up into the cup for maximum cooling enjoyment.

The cup is BPA & Lead Free, the cup is designed to prevent a person's hands from warming the beverage when held and the cups and bases come in many different colors and are completely interchangable for a cup which will stand out from the crowd so you will never drink from the wrong cup again.
Made from the same material as sippy cups & medicine bottles
"go green with the cooolest cup"

Chilly Twist
by Mr. Chilly Twist February 17, 2010
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