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The most multi-cultural city in the world. It has the dubious honor of being the one place everyone in Canada loves to fling mud at - BUT that would be because it doesn't rain 3/4 of the year and it's not tiny and freezing cold, nor does it need to boast a mall to make it a landmark, it's not on the prairies in the middle of nowhere, and it doesn't want desperately to get out of Canada, and most of all because the average Torontonian just could never out-drink an east coaster! Toronto, Canada's economic centre, pulse of the nation - the rock, the anchor, the pillar that Canadians can't help but love AND yet love to hate. Let's face it - the mud might fling, but it just can't stick!

Just think of it like that guy in school that got all the best grades AND got the girls AND the job AND the hot car AND the nice house. And yet - he's just the best guy! Only he's completely misunderstood. Welcome to Toronto.
by Mr. CanoeHead October 23, 2005

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