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A group of people who support the freedom of culturally outrageous expressions such as burning/urinating on American Flags, swearing in school, having sex in public, etc. and yet sue the pants off of people (students included) who express their religious beliefs, or even mention the word "God", and in doing so contradict everything they claim to stand for. They also hate unborn babies, straight people, people who use common sense (a.k.a. non-liberals), law-abiding citizens, people who believe in a free market, religious people, and people who believe in absolute morality.
<graduate giving speech> I am thankful to God for helping me to get this far.
<liberal aetheist student>She said God! I'm calling the ACLU! We'll sue you, even though the constitution gives you every right to say what you just said!
by Mr. Buttons July 10, 2006

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