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n. A uniquely annoying breed of hipster that is particularly skilled at ruining culture. Found in cool cities like Austin, the hipster douche takes self-irony and uselessness to a whole new level. Often seen wearing a flip brim cap and plaid, the hipster douche may pass judgment on (or ignore) anything under the sun with absolutely no knowledge of it. One may not, however, criticize him.

Hipster 1: Hey, here comes Wyatt!

Hipster 2: Wait, he just walked right past us… what a hipster douche!
by Mr. Busby January 07, 2009
n. A pretentious, self-ironizing, cool person found in certain areas of Austin, Texas. The Austin hipster can be seen prancing around with a morose, pensive look on his face, while he's secretly enjoying the urban experience. Aside from corrupting the music scene with his mere presence, this Central Texan herbivore also enjoys lounging around in coffee shops and writing poetry. This retro dork conceals the pride he has for whatever hipster shirt he’s sporting at the moment. While he considers himself a liberal, he’s actually supporting the system with his commercialized non-conformity.

Regular guy: Let’s go to Austin for vacation this year.

Regular guy’s friend: Naw… I don’t think I wanna be around all those Austin hipsters.
by Mr. Busby January 08, 2009

1. A rare plant of the genus Citharexylum native to certain “districts” of Austin, Texas. Characterized by fuzzy stalks and cool flip-brims, these plants are pleasant to the sight of Homo sapiens. Although generally harmless, caution should be used when approaching these plants. The use of an irony defense shield is recommended.

2. Anyone who has ever touched a guitar or looks like Mickey Mouse.
Example: But of course, Claire. The theatre programme starts at 7 o’clock. Shall we, hipster-gangsta?
by Mr. Busby January 06, 2009
n. A drastic alteration of one's myspace profile. The spacelift is often employed to evade an ex or an insistent loser on myspace.

Girl1: I think my ex found me on myspace again.

Girl2: Time for another spacelift.
by Mr. Busby January 16, 2009

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