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A "one man band" is something that is performed on a girl. Other definitions here say it's when a guy gets a finger in the butt during a blowjob, but 2 things hardly constitutes a "band."

My understanding is that a one man band is cunnilingus plus the shocker. That is, sucking or licking the clit while using index and middle finger inside the vagina, and the pinky in the B.H.

I also hear it's pretty awesome. I don't have a vagina so I can't be sure.
Girls have been known to blackout from a one man band. Use with caution, my friend.
by Mr. Bogart January 26, 2008
1. shwag
2. dry ass pot that snaps and crackles when you burn it
1. Living in a Mexican border town, one sees a lot of snap crackle pot for sale.
2. I don't fuck with snap crackle pot. I stay rollin up that dank shit.
by Mr. Bogart June 05, 2007
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