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Might be the only musician that played in G3 to ever have any musical soul whatsoever. Great, great guitarist. Yes, ok, he can get wankery. But most of the time it's with a melody, the music has a point, it's not just shredding and getting nowhere (but getting nowhere faster than your head can register). Taught Vai, so Vai might have musical soul (haven't heard him, can't really tell) and of course, he taught Kirk Hammett.
Do I really need an example? Fuck you.
by Mr. Bock Man (RC) February 22, 2005
Crappy ass wanker who got a guitar when he was still rubbing his cock. He decided to make a similar motion when playing guitar, basically going crazy alternate picking and wanking on the frets. No soul whatsoever. Pretentious, and he also has a staggering inability to pick a stage name. I mean fucking come on... "GO YNGWIE!"?
*"Uplifting" intro*
*big, long, wankery guitar solo*
*.7 seconds of silence*
*huge, wankery guitar solo*
by Mr. Bock Man (RC) February 18, 2005
A penis with a nipple at the end (like on a boob).
"Hey, Suzie!"
"Hey, Johnny!"
"Want to jack off my bock?"
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
"Damn, I don't know if it's milk or cum!!!!111 I'll drink it to find out then!"
by Mr. Bock Man (RC) February 18, 2005

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