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2 definitions by Mr. Bibby

A game invented by Gary Gygax, and inspired by the LotR series. It was a way for secluded people to come out and socialize. It is in no way gay, unless there are actual gay players, or characters in a specific campaign. This eventually led to the spin-off series called Forgotten Realms. D&D is also the reason most fantasy, and Sci-Fi games/books/movies exist today.
1. "Check it out man! I went back in time and killed Gary Gygax! Let's go play Halo!"
"WTF is Halo?"

"Who wants to play some Dungeons&Dragons?"
(5 other's raise their hands)
"Let's play then!"

3. Dungeons&Dragons board games is a good way for families, or friends, to get together and have fun.
by Mr. Bibby March 30, 2008
A term used in a podcast for a popular flash series "Unforgotten Realms". It is used when the new artist of UR says, or does something wrong. It has become a small catch phrase for various fans of the series, and is sometimes used when telling someone they did something bad.
Clive: Hey, man! I just sold my soul to satan!
Winston: Dammit Johnny!
by Mr. Bibby April 09, 2008