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people whose vocabulary makes up approximately 95% of this site.
Since when does the title Roman Soldier have anything to do with sex? Only a sexual deviant could do that......
by Mr. Baltimore November 25, 2006
a "proven fact" which is always disproven by at least one person, rendering "stereotype" completely false. Dangerous to try stereotyping, it will always backfire
largely true perhaps, but prone to backfire, is any social stereotype. To be cut and dried, all emo kids have a unique clothing style(as far as i've seen) and an even more unique hairstyle. Punks that i've seen are typically incredibly naive, but there is always someone who will exist to disprove that statement.....
by Mr. Baltimore November 13, 2006
in spite of my own bias against the media, I'll explain it. The media has the potential to do good in this country by ensuring that the 2 party political system works - it makes the people hate the president in office (democrat or republican), and then ensures that the other party is elected soon afterwards, ensuring a balance of power.
On the bad side, the media has slanted, and outright lied about any war since and including the war in Vietnam (where we virtually destroyed North Vietnam and decimated the Viet Cong but pissed off the wrong countries after we left), and are once again outright lying, slanting and re - interpreting footage of the war. A great tool to ensure political stability nowadays, but something which has virtually no place in the military due to their unwarlike nature and ignorance of warfare.
When president Clinton was in power, the media bombarded him as a result of whatever they could find, most especially Monica Lewinsky(but other things as well). When Bush arrived in power, They criticized the war in Iraq, and may have contributed to making him look like an idiot (although he's not exactly the best public speaker - "nucular" instead of "Nuclear"
by Mr. Baltimore November 13, 2006
a very confusing word for many, simply a group which has absolutely no label. They are NOT punk, because that's a different category - an actual label. Often times referred to as the kids who are "just me", they get along fine with anyone they don't dislike, which is generally anyone. Not necessarily a boring person(it depends on the noncomformist), we can be generally fun people. We don't drink, do drugs, or smoke, but a non - ignorant person could see that we like to have a good time nonetheless. We never give up our morals to accomplish a goal (though i may hide them from others for a little bit), and are in no way really similar in social matter.
I am a social and relatively well - liked guy, whereas some people i know who are noncomformist are looked upon as wierd. We disdain the label "punk" due to our gentle outlook on society in general, and generally do not like anything of the punk/emo/goth category (though i can't say this is entirely true since i have yet to meet every noncomformist).
by Mr. Baltimore November 13, 2006

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