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A time, according to my teachers, to get caught up on homework.
If my teachers actually thought that weekends were a time to relax, why would they give me so much homework!?
by Mr. Awesome-er November 08, 2009
The other-main character and best friend of Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia. He uses a kendama as a weapon, which is like the most awesomest thing a person can do. It's a frikken toy, and he casts spells with it.
Him and his sister Raine are actually half elves, but you don't know that until a while into the game.
And he's short.
"Ya see that short, white kid with the huge gray hair and the kendama?"
"Yeah, what about him?"
"He's Genis Sage. And he's awesomer than you."
by Mr. Awesome-er April 19, 2009
How bad directors convince themselves that they're funny.
The effects of using a laugh track:

Y-yess... Imm funnyy.... a-aalll those people a-are l-laughing... BAWW HA HA HHAAWWW *cries*
by Mr. Awesome-er September 14, 2009

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