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Jarrettsville-A diminutive town located in rural Harford County, Maryland, consisting of a few small neighborhoods and businesses

(Locals sometimes shorten Jarrettsville to J-Ville in verbal or written conversations)

Jarrettsville offers:

*1 local library
*1 elementary school
*1 police department

*1 volunteer fire department
*1 driving educational school
*1 liquor store
*1 Dry-Cleaning Service
*1 DVD/movie Rental
*1 Eat-in Restaurant

*3 dinner carry-out/delivery businesses
*1 Lutheran Church/Day Care Center
*1 Hardware Store

*3 automobile services
*2 gas stations
*1 center of Dentistry
*1 snowball stand
*Jarrettsville recreational fields
*Annual Jarrettsville Carnival

...that's about it.

Jarrettsville is also located in a portion of Rocks State Park, a forested area featuring many scenic trails for recreational purposes.

Before moving to Jarrettsville, one must be aware of the following:

*Jarrettsville is known for its OCD inhabitants who have an annoying habit of measuring their neighbor's grass
*Jarrettsville is known for its inhabitants who like to seek out zoning code violations on other properties

*Jarrettsville is known for its juveniles who enjoy damaging mailboxes and street signs

*In Jarrettsville, there lies the "The Hood"-make sure your kids stay away from it or you may be forced to give them the "Say No To Drugs" and "The Birds & The Bees" lecture again...
Jarrettsville is the place where dreamers remain dreamers.
by Mr. Anonymous Coward May 10, 2009
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