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3 definitions by Mr. ASDF

(n.) A reference to the map, "Roundhouse" in the video game, "Call of Duty: World at War."

Origin: The (pop) talk of the beta version of the game has been about a glitch to get under the multiplayer map, "Roundhouse." The majority of players seem to be more obsessed with attempting to glitch instead of playing the game. Hence, the name, "Glitchhouse."
Party Leader: What gametype should should we play?

Party Members: Capture the Flag!

(P) Leader: Is the map "Roundhouse" ok?

(P) Member: Glitchhouse?!? Are you kidding?
by Mr. ASDF October 16, 2008
A superlative form of "ridiculous," meaning inarguably funny, absurd, or preposterous.

Ex. 1a) "Ridiculous" would be a midget riding a bicycle while doing a handstand.

Ex. 1b) "Steroidiculous" would be a pyramid of midgets riding a unicycle, each doing a handstand.
by Mr. ASDF August 12, 2008
Slang reference to the Juggernaut perk in the game Call of Duty 4. The meaning implied is that the Juggernaut (perk & user) is homosexual/gay.

Player: Ahh, sh*t! I just got killed by that same faggot again!

Friend: Which one?

Player: The guy with damn Gerbilnaut!
by Mr. ASDF May 28, 2008