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A international action superstar. became a big star in Asia with 1978's Snake in the Eagle's Shadow but did not breakthrough internationally until the 1995 film Rumble in the Bronx. Despite what many think Jackie actually studied Chinese Opera. But the skills he learned there allowed him to become a great mimic of martial arts, and allowed him to mix true MA with the more theatrical elements of Chinese opera.beginning in the 80's he move from being a Kung Fu star to being more of an action star (His movies began emphasizing stunts and shorter kickboxing style fights over long intricate kung fu fights), but in the west he is known as a Kung Fu star mostly because he is Asian and has fight scenes in his movies. He has tried to stray away from that stereotype in recent years and his HK films have become more serious dramas with some action over the high octane action comedies for which he is known. He is also not free of controversy, he has one previously unacknowledged child with a former Miss HK. Jackie has also stated he really only does his American projects so he can finance more movies in Hong Kong and China.
Jackie Chan
by Mr.??!! July 12, 2011

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