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One of the best racing games ever made. Released by the company, 'Namco' back in 1982, it introduced the concept of having a chase camera view, as well as the challenge of having to qualify for the main race. In 1983, it was released in the United States by Atari under license from Namco. It would go on to become the video game of 1983, and to this day, is still a great racing game.
I just beat my old score in Pole Position!
by Mr. X-106 December 08, 2003
Said to someone after using a bad word.
"Excuse my french, but that was one big pile of shit!"
by Mr. X-106 September 04, 2003
A euphemism for 'Jesus Christ.'
Jeepers creepers, did you see the way that guy was driving?
by Mr. X-106 October 23, 2003
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