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1. The momentary loss of all faculties resulting in some minor catastrophy such as dropping a box of fried chicken into your toilet or repeatedly pressing the refresh button on a credit card payment page for something hideously expensive like plane tickets or a luxury car, thus bankrupting yourself.
2. Someone for whom common sense and the ability to function in the corporeal world is a sad and distant dream.
3. The mental state of someone who has been sectioned and imbibed their own weight in lithium supplements.
1. Woman: omg I just totally left my baby in the stroller on top of the car at that service station three exits ago
Husband: you really are a total ****ing Bing Bong brain you know that?

2. Student 1: Dude I just totally Bing Bonged that exam.. I wrote that America was discovered by the Count of Monte Cristo
Student 2: You shouldnt have taken that whole box of lithium this morning...
by Mr boogiewoogie December 28, 2010
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