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This rule states that if you have a girl in one area code, the miniute you enter a different area code you in effect become single, therefore allowing you to have Hoe in different Area Codes, as Luda n Nate sed.
I've got hoes (i've got hhoooeeesss) in different area codes.
by Mr XDizzle June 11, 2004
Organized mess is something that is messy but organized at the same time.
A boys room is organized mess. If u look at it there not be an order to it, but the occupant knows where everything is.
by Mr XDizzle March 19, 2004
A white man that has i growth problem, and a strange skin problem that makes him appear darker than he shud be, while repressing his white side and replacing it with a chinese perspective. Also Known As Liam.
Person 1: O my dayz is that boy White Black or chinese.
Person 2: I dunno. Hes a new breed. A N-Chwigger
by Mr XDizzle March 19, 2004

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