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A 4'8 young man who has the most subscribed channel on youtube: =3.

When he began in 2009 he started viewing Youtube videos and found that what people loved most were vlogs and viral videos. Ingeniously he decided to combine both in something he called equals three (?) where he makes a blog about viral videos.

Even though people hate him for getting famous off OTHER people's videos while providing mediocre comedy; they tend to forget that =3 actually gives the original video MORE popularity than what it would have gotten if it hadn't been featured on equals 3. Not only that but a good proportion of all the video he reviews gets put down, giving RWJ one of the last copies of the videos.
(Note: videos reviewed by him soon get infested with a virus created by RWJ fanboys trollin' to get attention. It can be treated but never cured)

RWJ has also started to insult himself on multiple occasions, probably to attract a larger audience (his haters).

He also operates BreakingNYC (now Breaking LA) which is a true vlog in its essence as opposed to equals 3. His also makes extremely popular songs on his other channel Your Favorite Martian.
Ray William Johnson is literally what the human race will look like if all the races and ethnicity on the planet intermarried

by Mr Wonderphul August 03, 2011

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