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to do really good in a game.

could be shorten to just wild
"we were loosing then i went into wildtime, and we pawned them"

"get ready for wildtime"

also could be used before a year, or number. like wildtime08, or wildtime09.

"its wildtime"
by Mr WiGGeLs September 06, 2009
a person in total disregard for the law / safety, at certain point. regardless of the outcome or risk.
like if u have a suspended license, your driving drunk, with drugs and/or a gun on u, speeding, blowing red lights / stop signs, and ur on probation. u could say that "your/hes/im/were in vigilante mode"

"chill ur on probation"
"fuck that shit nigga im in vigilante mode"
by Mr WiGGeLs September 06, 2009

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