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Not Right Now... short, and easy to type when you aren't at the keyboard and your Instant Messenger is all like "Brrrooop! Brrrooop!"
Beans401: Hey! Check out this video of Harry and Hermoine doing it!

Hogwarts67: nrn!
by Mr Whale Jr November 25, 2005
1. A cleanlier alternative to saying "Jesus Christ!"
2. Probably deee-licious.
Guy 1: "There's some kind of orgy going on outside in the intersection!"
Guy 2: "Jesus Christ!"
Guy 1: "Hey, don't use the Lord's name in vain, fucker!"
Guy 2: "Sorry. 'Cheese on rice!'"

Girl 1: "Whoa, that looks deee-licious. What is it?"
Girl 2: "Cheese on rice! Hey... is that an orgy outside?"
by Mr Whale Jr November 22, 2005

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