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The actual meaning of the word 'blow out' describes the act of letting someone down, or 'blowing out'. This is usually pre-arranged plans that have had the definite go-ahead from a group of people or friends. The act often occurs the day after making plans when one weak individual does the classic first signs of blowing out...turning their phone off.

They turn their phone off thinking that by doing this, all the others who are relying on this man will think it's some kind of rare phone problem and they just can't get through. The truth is far from it, everyone knows the blowout has sneakily turned his phone off. For this man is the blow out king. This man is Chris Singers.
Group "Who's up for Alton Towers tomorrow?"
Man 1, 2, 3, 4 "Yeah sounds good"
Singers "Yeah sounds good I'll come...pick up at 8am?"
Group "Yeah see you then, don't let us down Singers we need you for numbers"
Singers "Lads...come on..would I let you down?"

*Next Morning*
*Man 1, 2, 3 & 4 are waiting outside Singer's House*

Group "Ring, ring, ring, ring"
Singers tucked up in bed "Teee heee, I'm so glad I turned my phone off last night"
Group "Would you believe it...another blow out from the King"
Group *Shouting out the window* "TOOSSSERRR"
by Mr Stab November 24, 2007

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