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Is another word for hash or weed. Jazz musicians like jazz tobacco alot it seems.
Eirik: Yo. this jazz tobacco I have here is fucking cronic.
Henrik: Pass that blunt i need to get high, i haven`t eaten nothing today i have a real bad case of bongrexia.

Eirik: Great story. I was going to Koffe`s place yesterday, my shoes filled to the edge with Jazz tobacco, all of a sudden I saw a cop with a fucking dog.
Henrik: Shit.
Eirik: I was like I`M OUT!!!!
by Mr Ragga N`Chips November 10, 2009
A ritual where the participants, sit down and blaze all Wednesday. Weednesday is announced at noon and everybody is welcome except Bongsucking leeches...
Eirik: Man last weednesday was wicked.
Henrik: Yeah, too bad Pål Got bong sickness and barfed us out of the house.

Eirik + Henrik: We hereby annonuce the weednesday started:
Everybody else: yeah lets get high!
Halvard: Yeah!
Henrik + Eirik: Go home you bongsucking leech!
by Mr Ragga N`Chips October 08, 2009
When you save a smiley on MSN Messenger or other and it pops up without it being your intention and ruins your message.
Henrik: The other day my aunt asked me on MSN what she should get me for christmas. I wrote that I had not thought of anything special. When I looked up from my keyboard the P in special had been replaced by a penis.

Eirik: Ooh. thats an Epic Smiley Fail. What did she say?

Henrik: She pretended like nothing, but it kind of ended the whole conversation though....

Eirik: Obviously... And it probably decreased the value of your christmas present by 50%...

Henrik: Damn Msn.
by Mr Ragga N`Chips November 24, 2009
When you smoke a lot of weed your appetite can go down when your not high. This is Bongrexia, Weedrexia, Potrexia osv. The best way get hungry again is to not smoke for a while. or you could smoke more and then get the munchies...
Henrik: Hey man wanna grab a kebab?
Eirik: No man last week has given me a real bad case of Bongrexia.
Henrik: Okey man, i've got a little piece of bubble inside, we could light that up and then go to eat.
Eirik: Sounds like a plan...
by Mr Ragga N`Chips October 10, 2009
The hangover you get from smoking a lot of weed. It could be used about waking up the next morning and still being high. But if you smoke during the day time it can also be used about the feeling of beeing a little helpless and a little high some hours after.
Eirik: Man, I feel so sorry for all the poor kids on the TV. You know dude; we should be real greatful we grew up the way we did, with all the love and food we needed.
Henrik: I´m sorry, what did you say? I was playing snake at my mobile phone. Guess I`m still tummelumsk.
Eirik: I can`t remember what it was. Guess im a little tummelumsk to...
by Mr Ragga N`Chips November 13, 2009

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