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Fergalicious - by Fergie's definition is to make them boys go loco or crazy.
This word is a combination of FERGIE and DELICIOUS.
Fergalicious is an adjective to describe Fergie of the B.E.Ps, this describes how sexy she is, and has similar connotations and implied meaning as My Humps.
Man, that Fergie, she is one FERGALICIOUS babe!
by Mr Merge October 17, 2006
A song from Fergie directed at her haters - she sees you on the internet you know, and your pedestal is falling down!
Your pedestal is fallin' down, fallin' down, fallin' down,
Your pedestal is fallin' down, down, down, down, down

You think I don't see you on the internet, I've read it, don't think I won't forget

You hide behind computer screens, so that you don't have to be seen, how could a person be so mean?
by Mr Merge October 17, 2006
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