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A term that is used to describe a certain genre of Metal music (Jewish Metal, Yiddish Metal, Yaweh Metal).

Formed by the contraction of the words Yiddish and Hardcore to create Yidcore - a style that is used to denote bands who either are of Jewish origin, theme or who carry a Jewish message within their songs.

Examples are such bands as Opacus and Archaicus (Britain's foremost Yidcore bands), Aversion, Disturbed and Burzum.
1) You must check out the Yidcore band, Opacus. Their message that Yaweh is a loving but just G-d really brings a lot to such a stagnant genre.

2) I love how Archaicus adore our Lord, Yaweh. Because of their beliefs they decided to become a Yidcore band along with the likes of Aversion.

3) My favourite genres of music are Heavy metal, Nu Metal and Yidcore.
by Mr Jesus September 26, 2006

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