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Refers to pulling the trigger and placing a bullet (the dot) in the middle of the crosshairs (the tee). To dot the Tee, is a dark play on words indicating the job is completed with attention to detail and usually some level of violence.
Did you talk to Frank about stepping out of line last week?

Yeah, I dotted that tee.

Grab your rifle and dot the tees
by Mr Hines February 03, 2010
Describing a situation where a cheater looses a significant other, because of infidelity. Usually followed by regret or taunting due to the bad decision based on the value of the lost partner rather than the moral issue of cheating.
"Did you hear about Fred and Donna?"
"Yeah, he was cheating and she dumped him."
"She's Beautiful. What was he thinking?"
"That's the third one he's lost for strange"

Her husband caught her cheating, she moved out and abandoned him and the kids. Now she wants to come back, but he has already moved on. Her family is gone, lost for strange.

Christie Brinkley was lost for strange, by Peter Cook

Farrah Fawcett was lost for strange, by Ryan O'Neal
by Mr Hines February 05, 2010
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