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the dead skin hanging from the used-to-be titties covering the rib cage of an old lady or neglected pensioner.
usually occurs to woman aged between 50 and 80.
also to men tending to overindulge as couch potatoes watching porn.

clip from "there's something about Mary", the movie.
Starring Cameron Diaz and an old lady with rib flaps.
by Mountain dwarf April 25, 2007
small dry and dull bits hanging from split ends attached to the sting ring of a human after having a gastronomical explosion at the rear end or entrance, also known as the starfish, the brown eye, the stink kiss, the bubbler, the ball's eye, the chicken feeder.
laundromat to client: "your mangy nuts are stuck to your jeans, you should stock up on some fibre or 8 glasses of water a day, will keep the mangy nuts away".

Girlfriend to boyfriend while being down under: "will the real nut please stand up"!! Boyfriend : Thats my mangy nut dear he is part of the family..dont you remember I spoke about little Jimmy!!! He is getting heavy but I love him already!!!
by Mountain dwarf April 25, 2007
dead skin hanging from the bottoms of your lower back, usually called the arsehole. thickness differ from between 2.5mm to 35cm depending on sexual status and origin. these flaps work overtime when a gastronomical virus is detected. bepanthen creme could be used to treat
mud inflicted rash. painkillers should be taken every other hour. if rash does not subside,and you dont know the answer, phone a friend.
hey dude, have you been sitting on the floor?
your mud flaps are flat and fanky....

"what a bummer"... scuse the pun.
by Mountain dwarf April 25, 2007

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