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Mount Vernon is a town split in half. A bridge divides this 4 square mile town between a ghetto and a pretty nice surburban neighborhood. Unlike some of the definitions of my counterparts, the dividing line is not black/white, it is between urban/surburban. My whole family is "white" and I grew up on the ghetto side. So, by default, there must be more than one or two white people. Sorry guys your definition is inaccurate.
Mount Vernon also has an underfunded public school system, which suited me just fine. Life is what you make out of it. You can grow up poor on the ghetto side of mount vernon go through an underfunded school system and still make something of yourself.
Mount Vernon is the exact opposite of some of its neighboring towns. You have to work harder when your from Mount Vernon to get certain places, but it is worth it. Mount Vernonites learn the value of hard work.
by Mount Vernonite February 25, 2005

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