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Is The BEST COD UO clan i the world and probably the whole f'ing universe, in this server you can last a maximum of 4 minutes alive NO MORE before a big meany or a |DD| guy kick your butt :D
Hey Raul What Are You Doing?
Playing AT |Deathb4Dishonor|
4 Minutes later
Hey Raul What Are You Doing?

Im getting Pwnd by Bringer_of_Death
by MothManFrom CodUO June 14, 2009
A COOL guy who decided to make the gratest CTF server in the whole f'ing world

Bringer_of_Death is the only one who may defeat chuck norris on CoDUO

If you dont behave this guy may kick you out of the world :D
You Have been Baned By: Bringer_Of_Death ... Have A Nice Day :D
-Reason:AFK (lol)
by MothManFrom CodUO June 15, 2009

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