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A highly addictive drug that is availiable to most teenagers in devoloped countries. Morrowind users tend to experience complete withdrawl from reality, and an incredibly vivid immerision in a fantasy world. Morrowind users tend to believe that they are in this world, which seems to be characterized by annoying midgets looking for lost rings, and houses made of magic mushrooms. Morrowind users suffer from extreme paleness, insomnia, lack of proper nutrition. Morrowind addicts often consume extremely high levels of coca-cola, and various flavours of potato chips i.e Salt and Vinegar, and Ketchup. Quitting Morrowind is incredibly difficult, but possible. Those who attempt to quit suffer from withdrawl symptons such sensitivity to the sunlight, violence, irritibility, and the inability to do basic mathematics. Constant jumping, bribing of law enforcement, and the exploration of dangerous places has also been reported. In rare cases, Morrowind users will see a talking, druken mud-crab merchant that sells hard liquor.
Bob: Jim, what happened to you, you used to be cool, now, you're addicted to Morrowind!
Jim: I ain't addicted to nothing! Whoah, theres nix-hound behind you! LOOK OUT! *Lunges at friend with sword*
by Morrowind Addict June 30, 2005

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