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A theory that life is without purpose, many things deconstruct to this after continuous questioning of why. From this, we realise value does not exist (without purpose it can't have extrinsic value)
Ethics and Morals become non existent and are merely thought to be invented by man for man to control man even though he has no reason to be controlled.

Also, Nihilists don't believe in anything. (Thoughts and ideas are not beliefs)
Prole1 "Don't do that, it's evil and wrong."
Nihilist "why is it? men have created morals and ethics not realising they are useless, we are without purpose. Nihilism makes you're ideas invalid"

Prole2 "We need to care for our planet."
Nihilist "Why? it has no value."
by Morka Graven September 26, 2009

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