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2 definitions by MoriartyTheMaster

A person, usually in their 20s, who likes indie music, alternative lifestyles, indie films, riding fixed gear bikes, and hanging out in bars and other places you probably never heard of.

An actual hipster doesn't go around saying things like "I'm so hipster" or "I'm such a hipster" because hipster isn't a thing to be or a subculture, a hipster just is, despite people who say hipsters spend their time trying composing their whole persona. Most don't.

Hipsters are not scene kids, as the generally don't listen to overly emotional music by scremo bands, they usually tend to listen to music by boring bands, mature bands, and experimental stuff. Even though the music can suck, it tops scene kid music any day.

Hipster style is usually outlandish, but ranges to plain an no flashy. Thick rim glasses, usually darker(not goth or emo dark) or earth tone clothes. Normalized colors, but outlandish way of dressing.

A hipster do not have wild hair, people get them confused with scene kids, hipsters usually wear hair that's less outlandish that scene kids, and they usually sport one solid color, unlike scene kids. And while they do, their hair still seems dirty, and less composed.

They also like vintage things, music, clothing items, video games, photographing, books, and even homes, vintage is a plus for hipsters.
Williamsburg New-York is fucking hipsters paradise. They're gentrifying Bedstuy by the day.
by MoriartyTheMaster October 10, 2010
30 21
A portmanteau of the words "Black" and "Hipster" used to describe a black person that so happens to be a hipster. Blipsters may be considered uncle toms or sellouts because of their fascination with predominantly white music and clothing, usually indie, punk, and electronic.

Blipsters usually are the token, if you see a black guy with a group of hipsters, he's more likely a blipster.

A lot blipsters have a song sense of self, with hip-hop(usually underground or old) and other black music, and intellectual black sensibilities that they usually feel are absent from todays black mainstream.
Steve is black,rides a fixie, vegan, like Animal Collective, Radiohead, and TV On The Radio, he's probably a Blipster.
by MoriartyTheMaster October 10, 2010
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