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1. Its To Go FaceBook And To Make Lies About Your Real Life.

2. To Pretend To Be Something Your Not On Facebook.

3. To Be Fake On Facebook In Hopes That Others Will Belive You.

Why Does Darius Always Say He is Been a Crip For Life On Facebook, I Remeber When We He Wanted To Be A Ninja Turtle. He Always Facebook Fronting, Will He Ever Learn.

Why Is Ms. Cleo Always Acting Super Religious On Facebook Like She Don't Curse Or Do Anything Wrong. She Be Sinning Just Like Rest Of Us, She Stays Facebook Fronting
by Morg Parks January 02, 2011
1. A Homo Cop, Is A Police Officer Who When Frisking You Trys To Get Extra Feels On A Males Private Parts,

2. When Taking You To The Police Station Always Wants To Strip Search The Males They Arrested To Look At There Penis

3. Police Officer Looks At Your Penis More Than Your Face.

4. They Just Join The Police Force So They Can Sexually Assault So Called Criminals
Detective Smith Is A Homo Cop, He Smiles When He Strip Searched Me And Had Is His Eyes Glued On My Penis The Whole Time With A Devils Grin

by Morg Parks December 29, 2010
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It Means To Slap A Person As Hard As You Can, To The Head Or The Face Sometimes Resulting In Blood Shead Due To The Impact.

(Bitch) If You Keep Acting Up Im Gonna Comb Your Head To The White Meet.

by Morg Parks December 29, 2010

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