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Someone who states in public they want to buy a Landrover Defender, but in reality will actually end up buying a second hand Suzuki Vitara - probably in Pink, with flared wheel arches, tinted windows and Pye Stereo system.
See that Gay hairdresser over there? Say's he wants a Landrover Defender - but he's in denial. He's a Vitara Boy - just hasn't come out yet.
by Morale Suppression Officer December 03, 2003
A 'McPink' is a cross between a Rent-Boy and Suzuki Vitara Owner. They usually hang around in gay bars, drinking Pims and Lemonde. They often pretend to be Straight, Macho, pie-eating, ale drinking, whippet racing Northern hard men.

A 'McPink' can be spotted and easily 'Outed' by the constant carping on about Landrover Defenders, how tough they are and how great northern men are.

'McPinks' are harmless, unless you spot one in his Pink Vitara, then, If he recognises you, he is likely to try and run you down to get rid of the evidence.

They also wear womens underwear and frequent places link Kings Cross and Paddington wearing sparkly Hot-Pants and tight tank-tops. And bright red lipstick.

Also see Vitara Boy.
Real Macho Man 1: "..hey, see that guy over there?"

Real Macho Man 2: "..sure, the one in the Spandex Hot-pants, tank-top and seems to be wearing his 'Wifes' G-String?"

Real Macho Man 1: "..that's him - he looks like a McPink..."

Real Macho Man 2: "..Christ - I think I'm gonna be sick - a McPink's even lower than a Vitara Boy.."
by Morale Suppression Officer December 22, 2003
Usually found loitering in 24hrs Tesco's late at night, trying to look inconspicious whilst oggling the latest Max-Power filth. When questioned, will usually grab the first Landrover-oriented magazine that comes to hand, or, failing that, a copy of Good-Housekeeping or some other suitably nonced-up publication. Vitata Boy's usually claim to be hard Nothern, Pie eating whippet lancing, Ale drinkers.
Salvation Army Volunteer 1: "Oh dear, do you see that young, dishevelled young man collapsed in the door-way over there?"

Salvation Army Volunteer 2: "(spitting at the person in question) Don't touch him Susan, he's a Vitara Boy - probably been drinking meths and anti-freeze again - and I heard they read Max-Power!!"

Salvation Army Volunteer 1: "Oh My...what a flithy pervert..hang on a moment...I'm going to Urinate on him.."
by Morale Suppression Officer December 10, 2003
A state of mind - whereby the person so aflicted believes from the bottom of his heart he want's to be a Landrover owner - but can't resist buying or dreaming about Pink Suzuki Vitara's. Also likely to read a copy of Max-Power, sandwiched between the pages of "Landrover International"
person 1 - "Sup Nigga?"

person 2 - "see that Vitara Boy over there? Man is he dreamin.."

Person 1 - "Fo Shizzle - if it wasn't for the white socks and bad mullet - I'd say he was one step away from wanting to get a Rice Burner.."

Person 2 - "Word...Dog"
by Morale Suppression Officer December 05, 2003
To 'do' a 'Millhouse' is an action; similar in execution to that of feltching small rodents - except that this is usually done by someone small, bespeckled and with a fiesty attitude. Beware - someone caught 'doing-a-Millhouse' is likely to become very aggressive when confronted. Best turn a blind eye and walk away slowly - covering and holding firmly one's own crotch area.
Person 1: "Yo Nigga - see that Honkey ova 'there; he doin-a-Millhouse"

Person 2: "Shit Home Boy - that sure is some disgustin' stuff goin' down - he oughta be ashamed of his skinny white-ass"

Person 1: "fo-shizzle - he one sick mutha - you just gotta feel for that Rodent"

Person 2: "Word... take a look at his face tho - he in real deep homey.."
by Morale Suppression Officer December 10, 2003
To 'do' a 'Private Pyle' is an action; usually this action is performed by a person of average intelligence and involves becomming totally un-hinged and without rudimentary competance when working on a Compaq Rack, full of mission critical Server equipment.
Systems Tech 1: "Shit...did you hear what that Support dude did?"

Systems Tech 2: "Man was he dumb...he Private-Pyled that whole Rack of kit"

Support Tech 1: "(snigger)...yeah - what a dumb-ass"

Support Tech 2: "Yeah - I think he was Millhouse'd..."
by Morale Suppression Officer December 10, 2003

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