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One who lives in his parents basement, and throws Star Trek themed ragers. His Spock impression is unparalleled, and all of the slightly more attractive, yet still grotesque convention babes are all over him. Often seen using an authentic TOS communicator and wearing faux pointed ears.
M: Hey! You want to go over to Kenny's place? He's throwing a 72 hour non stop Voyager marathon party while his parents are vacationing in West Virginia.

K: Yeah!
M: It's a red shirt and badge event, no Vulky's allowed
K: Kenny is such a Spockstar.
by Moosir2u July 16, 2010
A person who has to have everything their way and puts other people down for having different taste.
Hey man you want to go see a concert tonight?

Who's playing?

Well it's sort of an electronic..

Let me STOP you right there that music is for liberal pussies and gays. It has nothing god fearing to do with it... Pantera? That's a band.

You're such a One Way Joe.
by Moosir2u December 29, 2013
An excuse used by white trash when refusing to eat their vegetables. Generally quoted by people with an IQ lower than 100, and an unrefined palate.
What do you mean do I want to add side salad? I don't eat rabbit food.
by Moosir2u December 29, 2013
Someone whom being in close proximity to whilst procuring nourishment exhibits such foul eating habits that projectile ralphing ensues.
George Costanza has an eating disorder.
by Moosir2u July 15, 2010

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