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KKK- Ku Klux Klan. A white/Protestant supremacist group that went around on white-robed horses. The members white robes and pointed hats, never showing their faces, and had tokens to show that they belonged to their 'Brotherhood' of a certain region.

Contrary to popular belief, KKK members did not only lynch Black people, but they also sometimes lynched Catholics, Jewish people, and basically anyone who wasn't White or a Protestant. Not only did they lynch people, they were known to burn crosses in people's (who weren't White/Protestant) front yard.

(They were also huge cowards, because they never showed their faces. Your neighbor could have been in the KKK and planning on burning a cross in your front yard, and you wouldn't have known it was them)
C- "Hey, why was there a burning cross in my front yard this morning?"
Z (KKK Member)- "Uh... um... I don't know..."

A- "Why don't we show our faces?"
B- "Cuz we're KKK members, that's why. We're cowardly."

F- "Where's my son?"
-sees son hanging from tree-
F- "That damn KKK!"
#coward #white #horses #kill #brotherhood
by MoonlitMysteries January 13, 2009
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