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Form of democracy characterized by the multiplicity & large number of political parties, their continuous fragmentations, splinterings, mergers & collapses. Elected legislators & political leaders are noted for their frequent defections, mass resignations, cross-voting & short tenures.

While some view this as a positive expression of a healthy democracy, others view this system as unstable & ultimately leading to the diffusion of political power to the business classes. Certain political strategists consider this the logical end-point of the evolution of democracy, which then leads to plutocracy,aristocracy or monarchy. Yet others view this as a form of entertainment.

Historically, this form of government has repeatedly occurred in the Indian Union, & was a hallmark of the Weimar Republic of Germany. The phrase itself was coined in Haryana, India, in 1967.
1) Mader (mother): Beta, why are you watching TV all the time ?
Bacha (child): Ma, the government has collapsed yet again! That is the fourth time in one year! I love this Ayaram Gayaram Government - it is so much fun!

2) Chota Miyan: Too bad that one party won a majority of seats in the Lok Sabha!
Burra Miyan: Yes, that means no more fun Ayaram Gayaram Government!

3) Kailash Harshvardhan Birla: Us industrialists should hope that those Oolloo (stupid) voters elect an Ayaram Gayaram Government!
Hitesh Mohan Wadia: Yes, then those Ayarams and Gayarams will be too busy to disturb us while we expand our business empires!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 18, 2010
The widespread traditional belief that the South Indian female is an 'Angry Black Woman', ie. that she is a physically dominant & verbally abusive virago who is prepetually emasculating & denigrating men. Essentially, the Oriental & Indian counterpart of the Sapphire Stereotype, with both images mutually reinforcing each other.

Historically, the perception that females hailing from the regions of the erstwhile Madras Presidency are shrews is based on the traditional practice of matriarchy in Malabar. It dates back at least to the Ramayana, wherein the Dravidian Woman is depicted as a 'Rakshasi' or giant black demoness & explicitly described as an 'eater of men'. This is most evident in the character of Tāṭakā, a "repulsive man-eater (puruṣādī) with a hideous face" in whom "the ugly, fearsome, & uncontrollably sexualized feminine appears at its most horrific." ('Gendered Narratives: Gender, Space & Narrative Structures in Vālmīki's Bālakāṇḍa' Sally J Sutherland Goldman. In: 'The Rāmāyana Revisited' ed. Mandakranta Bose. 47–85. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004, p 60) Likewise, Shurpanakha, Aayomukhi & Mandodari are depicted in a similar light.

In more recent times, the image of Madrasans as the combative Negresses of India has been cemented by the 'Tamil Tigress', who is epitomised by Thenmozhi Rajaratnam, the suicide bomber who assassinated Rajiv Gandhi.
1) While considered esp. applicable to Non-Brahmin women due to their Dravidoid features, the Angry Madrasan Stereotype is even extended to South Indian Brahmin females, such as the Tamil Brahmin politician Jayalalithaa Jayaram: 'Jayalalithaa sends strong letter to Prime Minister'- Another Angry Madrasan Sending Letter to Punjabi Delhi Guy' Joydas, 26 Sep 2011 storify.com/blogadda/perky-tweets-sep-26-11

2) The Angry Madrasan stereotype is also evident in the Tamil epic Silappatikaram, with its depiction of Kannagi & her all-consuming anger which destroys the entire city of Madhurai.

3) "One of the most brilliant modern examples of the Matriarchate was found in Malabar at the time of its discovery by the Portuguese in the XV century. The Nairs were found to possess a fine civilization, entirely under the control of women, at a period when woman's position in England & on the Continent of Europe, was that of a household & political slave. Of Malabar it has been said, that when the Portuguese became acquainted with the country & the people, they were not so much surprised by the opulence of their cities, the splendor of all their habits of living, the great perfection of their navy, the high state of the arts, as they were to find all this under the entire control & government of women." 'Woman, Church & State' Matilda Joslyn Gage. 2ed. NY: The Truth Seeker Co, 1893, p 22.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
In Australian English, a fair woman (usually Anglo or East Asiatic) who only has sex with Australoid Blacks, due to their penis size.

Given the free mingling of naked Aboriginal males in British settler towns ('Fashioned from penury: dress as cultural practice in colonial Australia'. Margaret Maynard. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1994, p.64), Anglo-Australian men & women have historically been well-educated about the dimensional superiority of the Australoid Penis or Dravidian Penis (averaging 9 inches as per works on the Penis Caste System) over the much smaller Anglo Penis (averaging 5-5.5 in). Of course, this is most marked in case of the tall Carpentarian or Dravidian-Australoids.

Adding to this the customs of Dravidian Penis Implants & subincision, one night with a "Blackfellow" results in permanent "Dravidianization". Hence, like the Nigrified Dixie lady & the Dravidianized Indo-Aryan Begum, the Australian moll who has once tasted a Pacific Dravidian refuses to go to bed with any other race of men.

Thus one has: "boong-moll ... A prostitute favouring dark-skinned men: Aus. c.: since ca. 1935." ('A Dictionary of Slang & Unconventional English ', Eric Partridge. ed. P Beale. 8th ed. London: Routledge, 2002, p.117) But "moll" mostly means "a girl" ('The Slang Dictionary', John Hotten Camden. London: Chatto & Windus, 1874, p.180) & not always 'prostitute' - clearly Shudra Penis Envy is why men call such women 'whores'.
1) In Australian regions with a shortage of Abos, Boong Molls are famed for their pursuit of other Blacks: "The Negroes were at first amazed by the attention paid them by Sydney girls. Then they became arrogant ... According to white Americans in no other Pacific port do white women behave in such a depraved & abandoned fashion. And for this reason Sydney has become the favorite port of call for Negro seamen ... some of our 'Boong molls", as we term it in the police force, reserve themselves exclusively for the black men. They watch the shipping news carefully for arrival dates of American ships." (Smith's Weekly, ca. 1946, Reel 34, Part II, #071, in: 'Red Seas: Ferdinand Smith & radical black sailors in the US & Jamaica', Gerald Horne. NY: NYU Press, 2005, p.317 fn 24)

2) "A harlot who consorts with Negroes or other dark-skinned men is called a boong moll; boong, of course, is the popular Australian term for an aborigine or a native of New Guinea. Other terms generally applied to harlots include Charley or Charlie, chippy, K.P. (a common prostitute) & lowy." ('The Australian Language', Sidney John Baker. S.Melbourne: Sun Books, 1981, p.145)

3) "boong moll. noun. A prostitute who serves dark-skinned men. A combination of Boong (an Aboriginal or dark-skinned man) & moll (a prostitute). Australia 1953." ('The concise new Partridge dictionary of slang & unconventional English' Eric Partridge. ed. T Dalzell & T Victor. London: Routledge, 2008, p.81)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza December 25, 2010
Insulting cuckold gesture, whereby any 2 "branched" fingers are displayed, symbolizing the spread legs of the target's lewd wife, open & ready for copulation. As opposed to the "Do-Qarnayn" ('Two-Horn') gesture, where they signify 2 penises. Common across the Irano-Semitic & Indo-Aryan worlds, it is source of the European wife's legs gesture.

Typically, the forefinger & either little or middle finger are jerked upwards or placed above the head like antlers or tree-branches. These represent the wife's open legs, the basal joint of the fingers connote her groin, & the hard nails signify her toes.

An amplification involves pushing the nose, representing a strange penis, between the 2 fingers, as recorded by Morris: "The obscene V-sign as spread female legs: Another popular interpretation switches the symbolism from the male to the female. Here, the sign is read as meaning `her legs are wide apart, like this, ready for copulation.' There is some evidence to support this, from the Arab world. There, there is an obscene gesture in which the forked fingers are jerked upwards several times under the gesturer's nose, so that the tip of the nose protrudes through the V-shape, as if it were the penis being pushed through the legs." ("Gestures", Desmond Morris, Peter Collett, Peter Marsh & Marie O'Shaughnessy. London: Triad/Granada, 1979, p.232)

When the fingers are bent at the upper joint, it signifies the toes curling up in orgasm due to the strange penis.
1) "The wife's-legs theory ... sees the two erect fingers as representing the legs of the cuckold's erring wife. The gesturer is supposed to be saying, 'Your wife is promiscuous, she will spread her legs for anyone, & you, the cuckold, must wear on your head the symbol of her open legs." ... A common variant of the horn gesture is one in which the first & second fingers, widely spread apart, are jerked upwards into the air, instead of the usual first & fourth fingers. This forked-fingers gesture is the most popular one for present-day Spaniards, & we also encountered it elsewhere." (Morris et al, ibid, p.125-6)
2) Often, a 3rd phallic finger (fore or middle finger) is pushed between the leg fingers of the Shakh-Dar Gesture: "Horns. To make horns at a person, to put the forefinger of one hand between the first & second finger of the other. See Tarlton's Jests, p.15; Cotgrave, in v. Ciron." - 'A Dictionary of Archaic & Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, & Ancient Customs: From the 14th Century', J O Halliwell-Phillipps. London: J.R. Smith, 1847 vol. 1, p.460. Morris explains this: "Here, the forefinger symbolizes the penis entering between the spread legs of the forked hand. The insulting message, quite clearly, is 'Someone else's penis is going between the open legs of your wife, hence you are a cuckold.'... The erect fingers are as far apart as possible & hence symbolise a female with her legs far apart, inviting copulation." (Morris et al, ibid. p.125-6)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 24, 2010
Ethnonym for Dravidians, emphasizing their kinship with other branches of the Black or Negroid macro-race.

In fact, Negro-Dravidian Madrasis are often considered blacker than Negro-Africans: "Mamitz ... She was a black woman, too black to be pure negro, probably with some Madrasi East Indian blood in her, a suspicion which was made a certainty by the long thick plaits of her pentiful hair. She was shortish & fat, voluptuously developed, tremendously developed, & as a creole loves development in a woman more than any other extraneous allure, Mamitz (like the rest of her sex in all stations of life) saw to it when she moved that you missed none of her charms. But for the last nine weeks, she had been 'in derricks', to use Celestine's phrase." (110); "fat, easy-going" (111); "large, slow-moving, voluptuous, with her thick, smooth hair neatly plaited & her black skin shining" (116) ('Triumph', CLR James, cited in 'Caribbean women writers and globalization' by Helen Scott. Aldershot, UK: Ashgate Publg Ltd., 2006, p.57)

Due to the fear they inspire in us Aryan males, which is deepened by Shudra Penis Envy, the British adopted the Mughal preference for Telinga sipahis. Thus, Madrasi Blacks were employed to conquer & police Indo-Aryan lands like Bengal & Oudh: "Black Madrasi Sepoys with loaded sten guns were constantly moving over the whole city. The deserted roads were ghostly ..." ('Let me speak', A. M. Biswas. Calcutta: Firma K. L. Mukhopadhyay, 1974, p.144)
1) Shan describes Madrasi Blacks thus: "And the people, from red-faced giant Pathans & pink Kashmir maidens in the north, through various shades of brown in the plains down to black Madrasis in the south - you never saw a more multi-ethnic, multi-cultural & multi-racial country." ('In my own name: an autobiography', Sharan-Jeet Shan. London: Women's Press, 1985, p.57).
2) "There are a number of Madrasis & Coringhis {Telugus}, black-skinned & aboriginal in type." ('The silken East: a record of life & travel in Burma', Vincent C. Scott O'Connor. 2nd ed. London: Hutchinson, 1928, p.351)
3) "I myself am a black-skinned Madrasi." (`Samlee's Daughter: A Novel', Vivek Iyer. 8/IV. London: Polyglot Publications, 2007)
4) "He was a Madrasi: black, plump, & about 40." ('Mission tours, India', J F McGlinchey. 2nd ed. Boston: Archdiocese of Boston, 1925, p.86)
5) "Experienced travelers warned me that it would be necessary to have a native servant who spoke several of India's 242 languages, so I acquired an ebony-black Madrasi whose name I couldn't pronounce" ('I found no peace: the journal of a foreign correspondent', Webb Miller & Roy Wilson Howard. 2nd ed. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1936, p.206).
6) "The skin colours of Indians varied as remarkably as one would expect from a huge continent, ranging from a European colour to the almost black hue of Madrasis & Tamils." ('The years of hope', Philip Snow, London: Radcliffe Press, 1997, p.44)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 24, 2010
Lit. 'Asian Aethiopian Penis', this is a Latin term for the legendary Black Dravidian Penis. Ancient Graeco-Roman authors have ascribed this 'Eastern Ethiopian Penis' a mythical size, right from the days of the hoary Achaemenids. In this they followed the overawed Vedic Indo-Aryans, who termed the indigenous Dravidas as 'sishna-deva' ('penis-gods' or Priapes). Thus, Ctesias, the Greek physician of Artaxerxes Memnon, is often quoted:

"In the middle of India (saith Ctesias) there are black Men, they are call'd Pygmies, using the same Language, as the other Indians; they are very little, the tallest of them being but two Cubits, & most of them but a Cubit & a half high. They have very long hair, reaching down to their Knees & lower; & a Beard larger than any Man's. ... {p 24} ... They have a PENIS so long, that it reaches to the Ancle, & the thickness is proportionable. They are flat nosed & ill favoured. ... Three thousand Men of these Pygmies do attend the King of India. They are good Archers; they are very just, & use the same Laws as the Indians do. ... " - 'Philological Essay Concerning the Pygmies of the Ancients' Edward Tyson. ed Bertram C A Windle. London: D Nutt, 1894, p 23-24. Also in: 'The Anatomy of a Pygmie' Edward Tyson. 2 ed. London: T Osborne, 1751, p 9.

Later, John Mandeville described Dravida macrophallism in Lanka & other Indian Islands ('A Treatise Of all the Degrees & Symptoms of the Venereal Disease' John Marten. 6 ed. London: S Crouch 1708, p 367)
1) Roman: By Caesar! That South Indian Aethiope has a giant Penis Aethiopicus Asiaticus!

2) "Connections between blackness & hypersexuality can be found as far back as classical antiquity. In fragments preserved in Photius' (c 820-c 892) Bibliotheca the fifth-century BCE physician Ctesias wrote about black-colored pygmies in India, 'who are saddle-nosed & deformed, have a veretrum so great & long, that it hangs down even unto their Ankles.' 51 {51. ... This English translation of Fragment 72 by Ctesias comes from John Bulwer's 1653 Anthropometamorphosis. The quotation proved somewhat popular & Edward Tyson included Stephanus's Greek & Latin as well as his own translation in 1699 in his book on Pygmies. Interestingly, where Bulwer left veretrum untranslated, Tyson did translate it as penis. He even capitalized it & put it in italics. Bulwer announces the section with the marginal reference, 'Pygmaei mango veretro.' By the early twentieth century, the inclusion of such a scandalous line must have seemed inappropriate & it does not appear in the SPCK-sponsored ed. translated by J H Freese. See John Bulwer Anthropometamorphosis: Man Transform'd or the Artificial Changeling (London: William Hunt, 1653), 404; Photius Myriobiblon, E Bibliotheke (Geneva: Paul Estienne, 1612), Frag 72.}" - 'The Curse of Ham in the Early Modern Era: The Bible and the Justifications for Slavery' David Mark Whitford. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publ.g Ltd, 2009, p 123.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 12, 2012
Any very muscular, big & black Dalit wrestler endowed with a huge Shudra Penis.

The term is based on the historical Maddow Colver, traditional ancestor of several Indian & Indian Ocean Shudra clans. Folk legends of his exploits have been popularised by Amitav Ghosh's historical novel 'Sea of Poppies' (N Delhi: Penguin Books, 2008). The name is an Anglicisation of Madhu Kalua (ibid: 53, 284-5) or 'Honey Blackie'- alluding to the great attractions he has for women.
Most important of these is the legendary Dalit Penis, which in case of pure-blooded Negroid-Australoids dwarfs both the Indo-Aryan Penis & the Anglo Penis. In fact, it is recorded to have scared off Indo-Aryan whores: "It was said that on taking Kalua to Benares, the three young landlords, being seized by the licentious atmosphere of the city, had decided that it would be excellent sport to couple Kalua with a woman. They had invited some friends & taken bets: could a woman be found who would bed this giant of a man, this two-legged beast? A well-known baiji, Hirabai, was hired & brought to the kotha where the landlords were staying. There, with a select audience watching from the shelter of a marbled screen, Kalua had been led into her presence wearing nothing but a langot of white cotton around his waist. What had Hirabai expected? No one knew but when she saw Kalua, she was rumoured to have screamed: This animal should be mated with a horse, not a woman ..." (ibid: 55)
1) Thomas Babbington: Darling, why are you wearing that Goa Bikini?
Susan Babbington: Because you have the Irish Curse! So I'm going to Goa for a holiday to find a Maddow Colver with a Big Black Dravidian Dick!

2) Mehnaz Khan: Give me a Maddow Colver any day over these Punjabi Pindicks!

3) Over-awed Englishmen were often intimidated by Maddow Colvers: "Turning his head a little, the pilot {Mr Doughty} caught a glimpse of Kalua & the sight prompted him to struggle to his feet. 'Now there's a burra-size budzat if ever I saw one.' 'Yes, sir. Thumping big fellow.'" (ibid: 283)

4) "'Oh he'll hang for sure ... ,' said the Captain, '... if they were at home, this man'd be cut up & fed to the dogs for what he's done.' ... 'This man' - the Captain looked down at a sheet of paper, to remind himself of the name - 'this Maddow Colver; he's a pariah who's run off with a woman of high caste - a relative of the subedar, as it happens. That's why this Colver signed up - so he could carry the woman off to a place where she'd never be found ... Why, what do you think would happen in Maryland if a white woman were to be violated by a Negro? What would you, or I, or any of us, do with a darkie who'd had his way with our wives or sisters? Why should we expect the subedar & his men to feel any less strongly than we would ourselves? And what right do we have to deny them the vengeance that we would certainly claim as our due?'" (ibid: 481-482)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012

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