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125 definitions by Moollah_Do_Pyaza

Often abbreviated as "Chilli's Ring" (Persian and Hindustani: "Sheikh Chilli qa Anghushtari"), this term represents the anus of a woman. The origin of this term is traced to the inimitable Sheikh Chilli. It is related that once the Sheikh, sorely jealous of his Bibi (wife), dreamed that Iblis (Satan) gave him a magic ring, which, as long as he wore on his unglee (finger), would prevent her from qarnoing (cuckolding) him. When he awoke he found his finger in the Sheikha's anus. It is also narrated that Sheikh Chilli secretly wore this ring whenever he slept next to the Sheikha, in order to ensure her fidelity. This tale is perhaps the source of the Old English "Carvel's Ring", related in a much-bowdlerized version in "A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue" by Francis Grose, 2nd ed. London: S.Hooper, 1788.
Faizal: Yaar (friend), I am very jealous of my Bibi (wife) Faizee. I am really worried she might cheat on me with a Shudra Goonda (goon) having a huge Kala Lund (black penis) much much bigger than mine.
Irshad (smiling): No problem, just wear Sheikh Chilli's Ring.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza May 24, 2010
Polite term for the Macro-Penis of a Dravidoid, ie. Negro-Dravidian, or Shudra male. It is based on the splendid White Qutb Shahi Char-Minar (Persian, "Four Minarets") of Hyderabad, the largest and most famous "Quadruple Minaret" anywhere in the world. As "Minar" in Persian metaphorically refers to the penis ("A Comprehensive Persian-English dictionary", F.J.Steingass, London, 1892, p.1317), "Char-Minar" can mean both "Four Penises" or "A Quadruple Penis" - a penis four times normal size. The "Dravidian Char-Minar" hence represents the Dravidian Penis, which, since the days of Ravana of Lanka, has been ascribed a gargantuan size and awesome erectile powers.

Variants and abbreviations of this appellation include "Kala Char-Minar" (Black Char-Minar), "Malabar Char-Minar", "D4M", "Second Char-Minar", "The Other Hyderabadi Char-Minar", "The Other Char-Minar", "Telingana Char-Minar" and "Shudra Char-Minar".
1. "Most Female Tourists in Hyderabad like to enjoy the Qutb Shahi Char-Minar by Day and the Dravidian Char-Minar by Night." - Old Deccani Saying.
2. "The Aryan Man's Char-Minar is in Hyderabad, the Dravidian Man's Char-Minar is between his legs."- Old Deccani Saying.
3. Mid-Wife: Moolla Sahib, Your Bibi (wife) just had Triplets.
Moollah Do-Pyaza (ogling Mid-Wife): No Wonder! My Zubb (penis) is so Big, it's like a Safed Minar (White Minaret)!
Mid-Wife (unimpressed): But it's Still Much Smaller than those Dravidian Char-Minars, because all Her Children are Kala (black)!
4. Shabnam: Welcome back from Hyderabad. Did you enjoy both the Char-Minars of Hyderabad ?
Faizee: I didn't know there were two of them. Where is the Other Char-Minar ?
Shabnam: Inside a Dravidian man's lungi!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza May 25, 2010
1. In Southern American English, name given to the large male sex organ of the local Dixie Negroes, alluding to the mythical size & black complexion of the Dixie Negro Penis. 2. A blacksnake species in Alabama.

Also used by White Celtic Southerners to dominate Anglo-Saxon Yankee Northerners, by claiming that the Dixie Penis is bigger than the Yankee Penis, due to supposed Negro-Congoid admixture: 'He was a southerner & I was not, & he did not like this news of Yankee privilege. Also, he was certain I considered him racist, because that's what he believed all New Yorkers thought about all North Carolinans. He wanted me to know that as a southern white man, he was blacker than me. "I got an Alabama blacksnake in my pants," he said. He was not just black, he was a black man. "Brother, you're nothing but a white boy." "Agreed," I said, hoping to calm him down. But he could not be soothed.' ('The Family: power, politics & fundamentalism's shadow elite,' by Jeff Sharlet, Queensland: Univ. of Queensland Press, 2008, p.41)

Likewise, in that other large-scale meeting-ground of Caucasoid & Negroid races, the Indian Peninsula, the resemblance of the famed Negro-Dravidian penis to regional black snake species in terms of size & colour is used by the fair Indo-Aryans to coin euphemisms for the Dravidian Penis, such as Malabar Black Snake, Kerala King Cobra, South Indian King Cobra, Lanka Black Snake & Telingana Black Snake.
1. "Since Atlanta is not that far from Alabama, I had heard all kinds of rumors about 'Alabama Black Snake.'" (Head Bangers: An APF Sexcapade, by Zane, New York: Simon & Schuster, 2009, p.7)
2. "A motor-scooter, driven by a young ARVN soldier with a pretty teenage Vietnamese hooker sitting behind him, pulls up in front of the Lusthog Squad. The girl gets off slowly, swinging her hips as she walks. ... The girl stands facing them, hands on hips.
Pimp: Do you want number one fuckee? ... Suckee, fuckee, smoke cigarette in the pussy ... (Laughter.) Come on. She love you good. Boom-boom long time. Ten dolla. ... (Eightball, a black grunt, walks up to the girl.)
8ball: Let's get mounted. (Hooker, Pimp argue ... in Vietnamese) Something wrong there, chief?
Pimp: She says, uh, no boom-boom with soul brotha.
8ball: Hey, what the mother fuck?
Pimp: She say soul brotha too boo-coo. Too boo-coo.
8ball: Hey, what is this, man?
Cowboy: I think what he's trying to tell you is that you black boys pack too much meat. (Laughter...)
8ball: Uh, excuse me, ma'am. Now what we have here, little yellow sister, is a magnificent... (takes out his dick) . . specimen of pure Alabama blacksnake. But it ain't too goddamn boo-coo. (The girl looks at it. Hoots & catcalls.)
Hooker: Okay. Okay. Emjee.
More hoots ... 8ball starts to lead her away." (Full Metal Jacket, 1987 Movie, imsdb.com/scripts/Full-Metal-Jacket.html)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 24, 2010
Traditional name typifying the Bengali Dravidian, a perfect male lover combining Bengali love-making skills with Dravidian penis size. The name was popularized as the stereotypical Bengali Dravidian par excellence due to a ribald Dravidian Penis Size Joke by Khushwant Singh, the world-famous Punjabi humourist, which was published in Hindustan Times (23 Jan. 2010). Taking inspiration from the protagonist of that joke, men often adopt this name when trying to seduce a woman, using the potent image of a skilled Bengali lover and a massive "Dravidian Char-Minar" to arouse her and take her to bed.
1. Sardar Joginder Singh boards a flight from Delhi to Mumbai. As he settles in, he glances up & sees a gorgeous woman board. She heads straight towards him & takes the seat next to his. Eager to talk to her, he asks, "Business trip or vacation ?"
She smiles & says, "Business. I'm a sexologist, and I am going to the annual Sexologists' Convention."
He swallows & calmly asks: "What is it about?"
"It will debunk some of the popular myths about sexuality."
"Really ? What m-myths are those ?" he asks.
"Well," she explains. "One popular myth is that Sudanese Men are the best endowed when, in fact, it is Dravidian Men who have the largest average penis size in the world. Another popular myth is that Frenchmen are the best lovers on the planet, whereas actually it is Bengali Men."
Suddenly she becomes a little uncomfortable and blushes. "I'm sorry," she says, "I shouldn't be discussing this with you. I don't even know your name!"
"My name is ... Venkatraman !" Joginder Singh blurts out. "Venkatraman Mukherjee !!!" (based on: "All-India Combine", Khushwant Singh, Deccan Chronicle 24 Jan. 2010 & Hindustan Times 23 Jan. 2010)
2. Sheikh Chilli is in bed with Farida Begum. Aroused, he doffs his pyjamas to enjoy her. Disappointed by his Chilli-Lund, she exclaims, "But you said your name was Venkatraman Mukherjee!" He replies, "Yes I'm a Mukherjee below the belly, a Venkatraman above!" "Oh I see! Very chalaak (smart)!" she says, and then kicks him out of her bed.
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 03, 2010
1. An Australoid Penis which has undergone Dravidian Penis Incision, whence urination is often accompanied by a whistling sound. 2. Hence, an Australoid male in general.

Two forms of incision are common among Australoids to increase female sexual pleasure. In the 1st, the underside of the shaft is incised lengthwise, so that it spreads the vaginal walls further apart & enhances Vaginal Orgasms. In the 2nd, the glans is incised, so that it opens up like a flower on erection. Due to the length of the Negroid-Australoid Penis, the blood-engorged petals provide frictional stimulation deep in the womb, often provoking a Uterine Orgasm:

"Assuring her that 'a blackfellow has none of our nonsense & would talk about his genitals with the same freedom as he would talk about an ear, a foot, or a finger', he asked if she could throw any light on the origin of the rite of sub-incision.
'One of my correspondents, at my request, has asked a native to let him see the penis during erection & he says
the glans spread out on account of being split . . . the same correspondent gathered from a conversation with a
black woman that the organ when spread out was more gratifying to the female.'" ("Daisy Bates: 'The Great White
Queen of the Never Never'". Elizabeth Salter. Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1971, p.130)

Hence women who have mated with Boongs never return, as per the proverb:
"Once She's had a Whistle-Cock //
She'll want one round the Clock!"
1) "whistlecocks. Aboriginals: Aus.: since ca. 1880. B., 1942." ('A Dictionary of Slang & Unconventional English'
Eric Partridge. ed. Paul Beale. 8 ed. London: Routledge, 2002, p.1331)

2) Mrs Wales, school mistress of Sydney High School, has an innovative method for silencing the loud & naughty school children. Whenever required, she brings along her big Boong lover, & blows into his Australian Black Snake. The whistle-cock produces an ear-shattering high-pitched sound which silences the pupils at once.

3) "Having stolen the Aboriginal's lands & seduced his women, the white pioneer has rounded off his unspeakable
conduct by pouring scorn on Aborigines in general, in such terms as abo (without a capital A, of course),
boong(from New Guinea), binghi (from Thursday Island), nigger, buck nigger, nig, boy, darkey & coon
(all mainly from the US {ed: no, this came directly from Britain & not the US}), bing (short for binghi), black,
blacky, black skin, blackboy, blackfellow or blackfeller, murky, dark cloud, unbleached Australian, swatser, kipper & whistlecock. Kipper is an old expression for a "hobbledehoy black" & whistlecock describes an Aboriginal male who has undergone a crude operation to his penis - 'subincision of the urethra .. to increase the amount of mucous membrane which becomes stimulated during coitus.'" ('The Australian language'. Sidney John Baker. 3rd ed. Sydney: Currawong Press, 1978, p.325)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza June 01, 2011
Sex organ of a male of Dalit Caste & Dravidoid Race.

The English phrase was coined during Protestant-British Tyranny in India to refer to the Shudra Penis. In Brahmanism, the threateningly large size of the Dravidian Penis had been used to justify the Manuite Caste System. British Protestantism further exploited this to prove the 'beastly' & 'nigger' descent of Shudras & hence reverse Mughal caste-loosening measures.

In Independant India, the growing laxity of the Anglo-Indian Caste System & the decline of Protestant-British prudery has led to a revival of interest in sexuality & the Negroid-Australoid Dravidian Penis. This ever-increasing fascination with Dalit muscularity & the Shudra Penis in Post-Protestant India is widely documented in Indian English culture. Thus, Inter-Caste Sex is the central theme of Girish Karnad's 'Hayavadana' & Arundhati Roy's 'God of Small Things'. Further examples are to be found in descriptions of the assets of Maddow Colwer, the giant hypermuscular "Chamar" Shudra hero of Amitav Ghosh's 'Sea of Poppies', & in explicit narratives relating the sexual exploits of Mohan Kumar, the macrophallic Kumhara (potter) Shudra hero in Khushwant Singh's biographical 'The Company of Women'.

By the early 21st century, this had evolved into Shudra Penis Worship as prevalent in the new Desi Hip-Hop Culture, with its glorification of the 'Dalit Nigga Dick', & as practised in the revived Begumi Culture.
1) Likewise, the 1990s Desi British serial 'Goodness Gracious Me' features a song 'I'm Untouchable', where an
explicit line contains a clear allusion to the Untouchable Penis: 'Untouchable, I smell of dung // Just Untouchable,
but I'm well hung' (Season 1, Epis 4, 2 Feb 1998). The line is followed by ribald loud Desi & British female laughter, indicating the acceptance of Shudra phallic magnitude by the audience & the persistence of deep-rooted beliefs of Dalit sexual mastery in diasporic South Asian communities.

2) Another example of Post-Independant India's fascination with the Untouchable Penis is found in Khushwant Singh's biographical 'The Company of Women'. One part focuses on the Inter-Caste Sex of the protagonist Mohan Kumar with Dr. Sarojini Bharadwaj, a Lecturer in English in a college at Rewari. Just as Mohan Kumar's surname implicitly indicates his membership of the Kumhara or Kumar potter sub-caste of Shudras, Prof. Sarojini Bharadwaj's surname implicitly indicates her Aryan-Brahmin descent. The work reinforces traditional S Asian stereotypes regarding the small size of the Brahmin Vagina & large size of the Shudra Penis: "'My God you are big!' she exclaimed in alarm. 'This thing will tear me to pieces.' She clasped it between her thighs to prevent it piercing her. 'Promise you won't hurt me. Remember I'm very small & have had no sex for a very, very long time.'" ('The Company of Women' Khushwant Singh. N Delhi: Penguin Pub, 1999: 47-8).
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza April 06, 2011
"A Female with a loose Trouser-String" (Hindustani, Urdu). Widespread in the eastern Irano-Semitic world &
South Asia, this term connotes a woman of loose morals. Thus, "izar-band ki dhili in Urdu simply means 'a woman of
easy virtue'." ('Tying & Untying the Trouser-Cord: Dimensions of Normativity, Morality, & Emotion in Pakistani Body Behaviour'. J.W.Frembgen, The Asia Pacific J. of Anthro., Vol.5, No.1, Apr.2004, p.49-70: p.60). Further, a Protestant-British observer notes, "...'laxity in the trouser-string' is equivalent to the loosest conduct."("Arabian Nights", Richard Burton, Benares: Kama-Shastra Society, 1885, vol.1, p.222-3, ftn.2). Literally, this term refers to the practise of promiscuous women tying the izar-band in simple, loose loops instead of in elaborate, entangled knots. Thus, they can quickly pull down their typically skin-tight Shalwar Qameezes to engage in intercourse with a yaar (lover).
Corresponding terms exist in almost all Islamicate languages. Thus we have the Arabic "mejhool-el-izarbund": "Apart from sehhaukeh, various crude and euphemistic titles were granted female inversion, among them, mejhool-el-izarbund (laxity of the trouser-string) & lisaun-fee-gubb (tongue-in-bush, cunnilingus)." ("The jewel in the lotus: A historical survey of the sexual culture of the East" by Allen Edwardes, New York: Julian Press, 1959, p.255, cited in "Islamic homosexualities" by Stephen O.Murray & Will Roscoe, New York: NYU Press, 1997, p.98)
1. Wasim: I like that Orat (woman) wearing that tight Shalwar Qameez! I'd love to lick her nice big Gumbad
(buttocks)! You think i have a chance with her ?
Feroz: Of course, she is Shehnaz, a well-known Izar-band qi Dhili.
2. Q: Why is Sheikh Chilli's Bibi such an Izar-band qi Dhili ?
A: Because of the small size of his penis - after all, he's called Sheikh Chilli because he has a puny Chilli-Lund!" - Sheikh Chilli Joke.
3. Caliph Akbar: Moollah Do-Pyaza has been away on pilgrimage for a fortnight now, and his Bibi has brought home a different Yaar (lover) each night!
Anarkali: The Mullani is such an Izar-band qi Dhili!
4. "Laxity of morals in a woman, as already mentioned, is denoted by the metaphor of the loose girdle (izarband ki
dhili), while of a profligate man it is said that he keeps laying his hands on women's trouser-strings (izar-band par hath dalna)" ( "Costumes of India and Pakistan: a historical and cultural study." Shiv Nath Dar, Bombay: D. B. Taraporevala Sons, 1969, p.143)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza October 13, 2010