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16 definitions by Money

A word used to describe a goofy or silly individual.
1) "You see Mike moon the principal? Whatta Chapita."
by Money December 01, 2004
One who craves and obsesses about ass. They may even smell like ass...
Andy is stronger than any known gorilla and ass monger.
by Money September 07, 2003
A dude who gotta a ghetto booty like a sista
"Damn, he got a ghetto booty, naw he ain't no bitch so he gotta bitch booty"
by Money September 15, 2004
additional term for a blunt
we smoked a fat biezer
by money January 09, 2004
Rich; Pertaining to large quantities of money
Check that bling bling, that boy's frungle.
by Money January 18, 2005
cost of a million dollars
"Yo this joint cost me a ticket"
by Money February 21, 2005
when you masturbate
he was playing with him self
by money February 26, 2003