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1) Referring to someone who does or says something in a submissive, compliant way to ease to other person.
2)Doing something particularily out of your way or standards for someone.
3)Just being plain nice, but get misinterpreted as being a good bitch.
--Used most often in a comedic and friendly mannor with a group of friends. Sometimes followed by an abrupt "OOOH" after it.
Could be used as deragatory phrase against someone. Or just between two people in a conversation.

"Good bitch" Coined by Seerap- RIP 9/25/06
Examples of "Good Bitch"

1) Friend #1-"Hey I dropped my phone, get it."
Friend #2-"Okay.. Here, it looks fine, the battery just fell out"
2)"You should probably stop doing that, because it just makes you look like a good bitch."
3)"Don't be a good bitch and let him tell you what to do."
4)"Babe, are you going to that party tonight, while I stay home and study?"
"No, it's okay, I'm just going to stay home too."
by Mona R August 13, 2007
Someone who always gets grossed out by things that many people don't get grossed out by anymore, or ever.
The opposite of a grosser is a chiller, because chillers are people who kick it and relax and don't trip.

"He's such a grosser, he can't even stand to watch Doctor 90210"

"Yeah, I got my period today."
"Gosh, stop being such a grosser, just chill."
by Mona R August 13, 2007
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